Thursday, April 15, 2010

it's black; it's white

Dear Reader,
I live in a relatively small, very religious community. People do lots of peaceful, benign things like garden and bake bread and spend quality time with their families. It's nice here.

In most respects.

Unless you espouse independent political thought . . .

or if you aren't a 'rugged individualist.'

Then you will be burned in effigy . . .

. . . or maybe in reality.

Or, you may be shot, because your ultraconservative neighbors
probably have a gun . . . or five guns (each) and don't take kindly to 'outsiders' of any kind.

I am writing to you, reader, so that I don't insist on being heard at inopportune times or inappropriate places. I am blessed and cursed with social filters and a passion for social justice issues, which basically means I can't talk about my passions most of the time, but that I passionately feel that I should.

Thus the conflict.
Thus the stress.
Thus the blog.

I really want to be an active voice in my community. But pigeon holes are hard to climb out of. Once you're in, no amount of shouting will draw a thoughtful audience.

I firmly believe that fundamental matters of politics and policy can't be discussed thoughtfully in shades black and white (gray?) and such nuanced issues deserve more than soundbites within discussion. I write here in order to sort my thoughts and invite civil conversation on current and perennial topics of interest. I will write on other topics of my choosing, in order to avoid paying a therapist,

You can be part of the adventure.

But if you can't be civil, your comments will be mocked and/or deleted.

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